Waiting for you…


Waiting for you…

I’m waiting for you, my love. I’m counting the minutes to see you again. Your presence is the poetry of my days, your voice is the sweetest music I can hear. I love you endlessly.

While I’m waiting, I’m daydreaming about you, I am anticipating our every care, every hug, every kiss … it is so beautiful, so good thinking about you, but it is much better to find you in fact and to ear your voice, because your words touch my heart so much!

Waiting for you… it is so sweet!… The time of our meeting is the happiest moment of the day. That’s when I feel something magic that fills me with joy. I do love you, my honey.

Most of us have sad feelings if we love someone who we can not meet or is separated from us for a long time… so, we will think in the memories of our sweet moments of love. I remember our love and I see our photos, so I forget the sadness of being away from you, my love. Come back to me soon, please!…

I’m living very lonely without someone to love … no one deserves to live in solitude …when night falls, I look at the stars in the sky and then I dream that up there, in some starlet, a magical love is waiting for me. Which star are you, my sweet love…..

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