Our Bodies Melt as One

Our Bodies Melt as One

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Take my hand and come with me
First undressing you with my eyes
And then with my hands
As my fingers running through your hair

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A passionate hunger of wanting you so much more
My lips meet yours and our tongues entwine.
Caressing your body gently as I lay beside you
whispering softly, I love you, I want you, I need you.


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Loving you so delicately, completely and passionately
Watching your body quiver with such sweet pleasure
As my mouth explores every inch of your body
Touching your heart, mind, body and soul

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You tell me not to stop you want more
I continue to let my wet lips explore your flesh
savoring every taste making me want more of you
My mouth can feel your racing pulse

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The uncontrollable urge to feel your love
Slow and deep inside me
With just one touch you respond

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Like you could read my mind
Slow and easy we take our time
Your skin against mine
Our bodies melt as one.

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Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org

Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.Org


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