For Love !

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The lovers are getting ready to celebrate the day dedicated for Saint Valentine!The Patron of Lovers!
Love is the mantra of the month!14th February…A Day to express one’s LOVE and to celebrate the spirit of Love!
”What the heart gives away is never gone,
It is kept in the heart of others”

Lovers are putting extra thought and effort in getting their loved ones the perfect gift.From wrapping papers to teddy bear gift boxes,bird feather roses to real ones,heart-shaped chocolates to heart-shaped pillows,real jewellery to imitation and greeting cards are in the list

My eyes are moist and heartbeats are faster……You have made my special….I do feel the depth and honesty of each and every word!:)

The evening has a special glow….
The star studded sky is amazing…
The moon has a special smile…
The blooms have become silent
The buds are getting ready to bloom.

Somebody has asked me to explain the relationship between U and Me…
They expected the answer …’Just Friends”.
But I simply smiled and said,”God’s Gift!”
Very true,my dear!:)

Inspiring each other,being together
Let the love grow day by day!
It’s a wonderful feeling that we are being loved!
The small words of praise at the right time

Make a lot of difference in moods!
Singing the most popular love songs,
When the night becomes sleepless
Spending the time together

It’s the most awaited day of the year,
By all those are in love….
Busy buying the gifts to be treasured,
Reigniting one’s passion for his/her beloved,

Let the romance flow in words….
Get set and say it in whispers,
When the moon smiles at you
With all the blessings….

Holding hands in hand,
Planting a soft kiss that spreads fire……..
Waiting to be lost in the passion….
Wishing you a love filled day ahead,

Sending the newly bloomed fragrant Roses,
As I know they are your favourite flowers,
Just like mine………
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