Look to God !

Look to Jesus.....
Look to Jesus.....



Look to Jesus never despairing
Though dark shadows come our way
For us He is tenderly caring
Waiting to bless and brighten our day.

Sometime temptation’s hidden snares
Try to break our spirit with earthly cares
Often discouraged we wonder why the test
Look to Jesus, He knows best.

Dwelling above, Jesus is now preparing
A reward for the faithful and true
Never forget the burdens you are bearing
Look to Jesus, He is waiting for you.

One day our trials on earth will cease
And we will live in everlasting peace
No longer will we have to roam
Look to Jesus, and He will lead us home.

“Look to Jesus, accept His forgiving love
and He will lead you to heaven above”

With Love

Hemant Khurana(Happy)






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