The Best Gift I ever got !

My True story- The Best Gift I ever got ! hemant khurana.

The Best Gift I ever got !

Hi this is about the best gift I ever got in my life and I got them this saturday( 19 /12/2009) !

I got this gift from a very special friend of mine her name is (simran she is five or six year old, homeless street kid)
Simran and her mother who is about 45 and she is Mentally Retartded. ,
came few months back from no where in the,it seemed that some one just
left them here in

the residential colony where my dad owns his house both of them
were dressed properly and that is wehy they were allowed to enter that
colony by the guards

but since they did not knew where to go

they just sat down in front of a house it was then the security guards approached her

and asked her where does she wants to go

it was then they came to know that simrans mother is ( Mentally
retarded) when asked her she said nothing…….but she did not wanted
to go anywhere

then the local police was informed even they tried to take her but she
never left and thus people over here decided to give her some space and
let her stay here

till the time the police finds their family ……

so from that day onwards they are here

(simrans mother does not knows or understands anything whole day she
keeps runnig in the streets and she cannot6 do anything she cannot even
take care of

herself even foood she takes from very few people from that society one is me my dad and our neighbours)

thanks to the greatness of the residents there that they allowed them and gave them a space to live there we all

together give them clothes and food also..

I come to my dads place every saturdays and sundays

and saw this beautiful girl and playing in the street and then saw her mother she was shouting aloud as

if she was fighting but she was talking with herself, then this lovely little angel looks at me I had a pack of popcorns

and asked her if she wants to have em.. and she said yes…..

and I gave the whole pack to her ……………..

and it was then my dad told me evrything about them…….

so from that day onwards every morning on saturday I use to see that
little angel , and I use to take something for her always she is the
first person

to meet me as soon as I enter that colony

she calls me HAPPY BHAIYA and whenever I come she always meets me and
talks a lot with on everytime I go out simran always sees me and
takes my name….

last week when I came I saw that she was playing with a broken doll, a broken toy phone made of plastic)

which she found from a dustbin …….. she saw me and at once calleds my name

came runing towards me happy bhaiya happy bhaiya (bhaiya in hindi is elder brother) and I gave her a choclate then I asked her

what was in her hands she said they are my toys and she was very happy
with them, that moment, I asked her do you want more and the way she

said yes and her cute expression…….the light of her eyes I canmnot explain you in words….

and so took her to a toy shop and she chose a toy for herself,

Now last saturday and sunday I was again at my dads place and she met me and gave me a nicely wrapped envelope]

and she told me bhaiya this is for you….and she told open it once you reach home

I opened it inside ther were two tiny beautiful lttle greeting cards……………..

Trust me they are the best gift I ever got…………..

and since she did not know how to write, she had drawn a smiling figure
a little smiley . ……………..drawn by a pieace of charcoal

which she found on road ………..ther was also a tex message inside —


and there is one more with roses on it it says wishing this new year unfold the best of everything for you..

I cannot explain ……………………..
………………… happinesss and the joy ………..

I will Upload Some Pictures of simran and her mother I will also try to show you those precious cards…..

Hemant Khurana


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